At Southern Jet it is our #1 priority to insure safe travel for all clients 100% of the time. Southern Jet works only with aircraft and operators that are in compliance with FAA regulation FAR part 135. The FAR Part 135 certification was created to provide a standard for aircraft safety. It includes standards for operating and maintenance of aircraft, and also ensures proper regulations and licensing are in place. All Pilots exceed FAA standards and our Captains have thousands of hours in jet aircraft and many years of airline/charter experience.


TripCHEQ is an ARG/US program that audits the specific parameters of every trip. Southern Jet is a Gold Rated member of the ARG/US program.

In order to pass a TripCHEQ:


  • All pilots receive background checks by ARG/US before they are approved.

  • Flight time must meet ARG/US and Southern Jet minimums.

  • Pilots are checked prior to every flight for experience and FAA enforcement action.

  • Aircraft records are checked prior to every flight to ensure that FAA information shows that the aircraft is on the certificate of the selected air carrier.


In addition to the minimum standards set forth by FAR Part 135 and the TripCHEQ program, Southern Jet has established supplementary criteria for all charter flights. These criteria have been put into place to provide assurance that every private flight booked is conducted in the safest possible manner. Some of the criteria are:


  • All pilots have "full motion" simulator training at least once a year.

  • All crews are subject to random drug and alcohol testing, required to maintain 1st class medicals and have annual recurrent classroom training.


Each PASS Report confirms the following information for flight:


  • Verification that our company is a legally certificated charter operator.

  • Verification that the aircraft being chartered is listed on our current operations specifications.

  • Confirmation of current insurance on the aircraft.

  • Confirmation that each crew member's experience meets accepted industry standards.

  • Confirmation that each crew member's medical and license information is current