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How long has SOUTHERN JET, Inc. been in business?

SOUTHERN JET has been an aircarrier under part 135 regulations since 2008.

Where does SOUTHERN JET, Inc. operate?

SOUTHERN JET, Inc. is Based in Boca Raton (KBCT) with operating bases in Teterboro (KTEB), White Plains (KHPN), and Bedford/Boston (KBED). We are authorized by the FAA to conduct flight operations in North America, Central and South America, Bermuda and the Caribbean. We also work with an Affiliate Network comprised of hundreds of aircraft, enabling us to provide lift virtually anytime, anywhere.

What services does SOUTHERN JET, Inc. offer?

SOUTHERN JET, Inc. specializes in Aircraft Charter and Aircraft Management. we also offer Aviation Consulting services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

How much does air charter cost?

Charter may be more cost efficient than you think. The cost to charter a jet varies based on the size of the aircraft, your destination, and duration of stay. SOUTHERN JET will be happy to consult with you to determine the best solution for your travel requirements. We will provide a quote for your travel, and we will gladly arrange any ancillary travel services or requests.

How is charter pricing structured?

SOUTHERN JET's pricing is based on an hourly rate for each aircraft. This is the most common pricing structure among charter operators. Additional costs may include landing fees and crew expenses for overnight travel. Some operators will also add a fuel surcharge; with SOUTHERN JET fuel is included in our hourly rate.

Can I keep the airplane overnight or for a week?

Yes. When you charter SOUTHERN JET's aircraft, you determine your travel schedule. The aircraft is yours to schedule in terms of flight travel distance and travel duration. Make multiple stops; stay away one night or several weeks. SOUTHERN JET will also accommodate last minute changes to your itinerary. With SOUTHERN JET, you're the boss.

Can I change my schedule while I am on the trip?

Yes. Our Charter Specialists and Dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are in constant communication with your crew and will gladly assist you with schedule changes whenever required.

Is SOUTHERN JET a charter operator or charter broker?

We are a charter operator and an approved FAA domestic and international air carrier. We are authorized to operate the aircraft listed on our FAR Part 135 certificate. SOUTHERN JET's operations are routinely audited and inspected by the FAA and industry regulatory authorities.

How do I arrange an aircraft charter trip?

To arrange a charter trip, simply call a Charter Specialist at 1-800-228-9388 and tell us where you want to go and when. We will suggest airports that are closest to your destination. We will also arrange in-flight catering, ground transportation, hotels, or whatever else you might require.

What happens when I arrive at my destination?

SOUTHERN JET pilots will escort you and your baggage to the terminal building, where your ground transportation will be waiting. SOUTHERN JET will gladly arrange all your ground transportation and hotel reservations at the time you book your air charter travel.

What are the requirements for your pilots?

SOUTHERN JET exceeds FAA requirements for pilots. We adhere to the highest proficiency levels as required by ARG/US Gold audits. SOUTHERN JET pilots participate in FAA and insurance required recurrency training, medical exams and safety screenings. All pilots are FAA certified and licensed.

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