Leave It Up To SouthernJet.

Southern Jet will earn your management business, confidence & trust through hard work and results, thereby eliminating the need for long term binding contracts; it's simple, if we don't perform we will dissolve our agreement upon reasonable notice in accordance with any and all FAA regulations. Let us start earning for you today.



What is Management?

Southern Jet aircraft management is a turnkey service designed to eliminate the hassles associated with aircraft ownership. At Southern Jet, we understand how valuable an aircraft owner's time is, and our services are tailored with that in mind. Our management program is designed to do two main things: take the worry out of aircraft ownership and help the owner reduce the costs associated with the aircraft.

What are Management Benefits

Southern Jet manages every aspect of your aircraft, including maintenance, crewing, training, and scheduling trips for you and your associates. Aircraft require continual upkeep that is both time consuming and complex. With Southern Jet, owners can enjoy peace of mind while our management team takes on all the work.

Management helps to defray ownership costs as well. With Southern Jet, you have the option to take advantage of cost-offsetting charter revenue by allowing Southern Jet to charter your aircraft when it's not in use. You'll also benefit from our bulk fuel, insurance, and maintenance discounts that will save you money, whether or not you decide to participate in charter.

Finally, rest assured that the experts at Southern Jet are using their knowledge with your best interest in mind. With the collective experience of our operations and maintenance teams, Southern Jet ensures that owners forego damaging or costly mistakes.

After all, you invested in an aircraft to make life and business easier, not more complicated. Let Southern Jet manage everything for you, so you can save time, offset costs, and achieve the ultimate goal of aircraft ownership: increased efficiency.


Consulting and Acquisition Services

Southern Jet offers exceptional consulting services to clients in the market to buy or invest in an aircraft. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you throughout the entire process, from determining the mission appropriate aircraft to evaluating operating costs to creating a complete aircraft budget. In addition, we provide you with our recommendations for a variety of vendors regarding finance, insurance, and maintenance needs.

Southern Jet's priority is to advise and counsel the client, not to consummate a sale in a traditional broker fashion. In fact, we believe that the consulting relationship is just beginning with the acquisition of your new aircraft. At Southern Jet, our goal is to help you enter the world of aircraft ownership with the best possible plan for your needs. We encourage all prospective aircraft owners to inquire about our unique consulting services. We also monitor every aspect of your aircraft to ensure peak condition and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Management

Q: What are the main benefits of our Aircraft Management?

A: Staffing crew, fleet insurance rates, maintenance tracking and implementation, discounted fuel, FBO services, and 24 hour flight dispatch & coordination.

Q: Is monthly accounting and financial reporting part of the service?

A: Yes.

Q: What if I do not need a complete management arrangement?

A: We can customize it to your needs.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We have very competitive rates and each arrangement will vary on cost.


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